To the Donors of Personal Libraries

1. Maulana Jamal Mian Farangi Mahli - 250 Books
2. Senator Late Syed Ishtiaq Azhar  - 2,500 Books (approx)
3. Dr. Farman Fatehpuri  - 2,000 Books
4. Dr. Wafa Rashdi - 500 Books
5. Maulana Ismail Zabeeh - 300 Books
6. Mr. Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi - 200 Books
7. Hira Foundation  - 150 Books

 To the Devotees and Admirers Rendering Honorary Services 

  1. Messers Haider and Company, Chartered Accountants, for auditing honorarily, the accounts of the Trust for the last two decades.
  2. Mr. S.Azfar Rizvi (President, Daira Adab-o-Saqafat International and Member, Syndicate, Federal Government Urdu University) for extra-ordinary co-ordination in the observance of Maulana Hasrat Mohani's death anniversaries.  
  3. Mr. Syed Asghar Kazmi, for compilation of various important facts and articles about Maulana Hasrat Mohani.  
  4. Ms. Rumaisa Mohani and Malika Farha Mohani, grand daughters of Maulana Hasrat Mohani, for putting in relentless and dedicated efforts in the launching of this Website. 

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