Hasrat Mohani Memorial Library and Hall Trust ® Karachi, Pakistan

This Trust was registered on 08-01-1991 vide Registration No.119 with Court’s Sub-Registrar, ‘T’ Division VIII, Karachi, in the name of Hasrat Mohani Memorial Hall & Library.

The main objectives of the Trust were to construct a Public Hall, a Public Library, a Reading Room and to republish the writings of the Late Maulana in a dignified manner. These objectives have been achieved satisfactorily.

The Hasrat Mohani Memorial Hall, constructed above the Library, is being used for holding literary, non-political, religious, and academic meetings held by the Trust and various educational institutions.

Around 10,000 books on different academic faculties are available in the Library. These books are demanded and used by the public in general and the researchers, scholars, and the student community in particular. The library offers all its facilities at no charge.

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