Life of Hasrat Mohani


Hasrat Mohani in young age

Standing 2nd from left, Begum Hasrat Mohani (the only Muslim lady in the group) along with female Indian delegates to meet Viceroy in 1918.

Hasrat Mohani with prominent Urdu literary personalities.


Hasrat Mohani, attending a tea party of Roznama Imroz Karachi Newspaper on his visit to Pakistan in 1950

Pictures from Ferangi Mehal, Lucknow


Hasrat Mohani's grave in Farangi Mehal.


Area inside Ferangi Mehal where Hasrat Mohani used to sit and have spiritual discussions with his spiritual guide Maulana Abdul Wahab Farangi Mehli


Room inside Ferangi Mehal, where Hasrat Mohani breathed his last, in company of his sisters Muneeba Begum and Naseema Begum, niece Raisa Mohani and Maulana Jamal Mian Ferangi Mehli along with other close relatives on 13th May, 1951


Around 150 years old dress of Hasrat's Spritual Guide (Murshid) preserved inside Ferangi Mehal.


Grave of Maulana's Spiritual guide (Murshid) about whom Hasrat had willed that the height of his grave be lower than his Murshid's grave.

Literati from Lucknow paying tributes and offering Fatiha at Hasrat Mohani's grave.

Literary meetings and mushairas conducted by various Lucknow literary organizations in honor of Hasrat Mohani Trust Delegation consisting of Senator Syed Ishtiaq Izhar (Late), Raisa Mohani, and Rumaisa Mohani. Lucknow, India. Jan 1990

Pictures of Bansa Shareef, Bara Banki, U.P, India


Raisa Mohani (in picture) offering Fatiha at Shah Abdur Razzak Bansvi's Mausoleum, a spiritual guide(Murshid) of Maulana Hasrat Mohani


The Mausoleum of Shah Abdur Razzak Bansvi, the spiritual guide (Murshid) of Maulana Hasrat Mohani. Hasrat used to travel 18km on foot every year from Barah Banki to Bansa Town to attend his Urs and offer Fatiha and pray tribute to his Murshid.